How to brew coffee with an inverted aeropress

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Like me you’ll have discovered the aeropress somewhere after realising that the major high street chain can’t do coffee as well as the independent shop that buys great ingredients and brews coffee properly.

It’ll have been because you went looking for a way to replicate that taste sensation at home. You’ll have discovered that, for a measly 25 quid, you can make amazing tasting coffee at home.

Things will have likely never been the same again. Now you’re knee deep in bean subscriptions and grinders and, possibly, £1000 espresso machines. But you still depend on your aeropress for a consistently brilliant brew.

Here’s what you’ll need for the way we make it;

  1. 14g fine ground coffee (not quite as fine as espresso, thinking caster sugar)

  2. 250g water (just off the boil)

  3. An aeropress (and filters)

  4. Scale


Set your aeropress in the inverted position. Grind your coffee and tip it in to the aeropress.

Rinse your paper filters with hot water (we like to do this over the cup which has the benefit of pre-warming the cup).

Now add 200g of water to the aeropress and stir for a few seconds.

Steep for exactly 60 seconds then place your filter cap in to the locked position on your aeropress, gently flip it over on to your cup using two hands and start a gentle press (this should take approx 30 seconds for all the coffee to drip through.)

Top up with 50g of hot water and enjoy.

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