How to brew great tasting coffee with a Chemex

Watching repeats of Friends on lockdown this week I noticed the loveable pals were breakfasting with a Chemex. It’s one of the oldest brewing methods there is and theres little to beat it for sharing your coffee.

People have their own recipes and there are as many of those as there are of Chemex jars sold each year (maybe). So how do we do it?

What you’ll need;

  1. 32g filter ground coffee (think very coarse sand)

  2. 700g filtered water (off the boil, approx 94 degrees)

  3. Swan neck kettle

  4. Scale

  5. Chemex filter paper


Place your filter paper in your Chemex and pour in around 150g boiled water to rinse the paper and warm your jar. Discard the water.

Add 50g hot water to the cup or mug you intend to use (for warning only, discard before enjoying your coffee).

Grind your coffee and tip it in to your filter paper and tap the jar to level off.

Now add 50g of water to coffee and let it bloom for 20 seconds.

Add 200g of water in a swirling motion and allow the coffee to drip through (should take approx 30 secs).

Repeat this process, adding 100g water at a time until your scale hits 500g.

The whole process should take approx 2.5 to 3 mins.

Discard the filter paper and grounds and enjoy.

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