How to find our seasonal espresso blend sweet spot with a v60 pour over

What? Espresso brewed as a pour over? I know, I know. Generally we roasters take time to bring out the character of a bean with a brew method in mind.

But what happens when you just fancy a nice clean pour over and you’ve only got an espresso bean to hand? Well since we tend to roast for a forgiving brew - whatever way you want to brew it - we like to enjoy our seasonal espresso blend as a pour over as well.

Here’s how we do it (note the we, everybody has their own tastes and methods, we simply find this works for us).

You’ll need;

  1. Scale

  2. v60 and filter paper

  3. 250g water off the boil

  4. 16g of filter ground coffee

  5. Swan neck kettle for pour


Boil the kettle and let it stand (we like to transfer the water to our swan neck kettle which you can pick up cheaply, really helps with the pour and also has the benefit cooling the water to the correct temperature, somewhere close to 94 degrees).

Grind your beans on your filter setting. If your grinder doesn’t haven’t a filter setting you‘re looking for a consistency close to granulated sugar.

Put your v60 on the top of your cup and rinse the filter with the kettle water (50g will do it). Let all the water pass through then discard the water you’ve poured. Warm cup bonus.

Now pop your coffee grounds in to the filter, giving them a little tap to level them off. Put the cup and v60 on the scale and tear to zero.

Now slowly pour 25g of water to soak the grounds then pause for 15 seconds. Now add (in a swirling motion) 75g of water. Allow that to run through for 20 seconds. Keep adding 30-50g of water at a time, never allowing the grounds to dry out. You want to finish on 225g.

Now take the v60 off and discard the spent grounds and filter (good compost, remember) and top up your cup with another 40g of kettle water.

Enjoy black (you could always add a milk of your choice).

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