How we made our new seasonal espresso

Building a great espresso isn't easy. We could be really bullish. We could create a thing we like and, well, stuff the rest of you. But then we'd probably not have a business. So we temper what most people like with something that is going to excite you. Our Signature Espresso is called Signature because it's our flagship coffee. It's the one we're known for. It's the one we have to get right.

So when it came time to look at what we wanted from our next seasonal espresso we knew we'd want something well balanced, an every day coffee with enough pow-wow to keep you interested. Something you can serve to your guests and excite them and something that definitely offers a little tolerance when it comes to brewing. Fundamentally it needed to taste great in milk.

So, enter our favourite Brazilian natural process. This gives us the solid base of our blend. Lots of full mouth feel, chocolate and nuts. And to compliment it? A clean washed coffee from El Salvador. We went here because the beans tend to offer excitable sweetness to the cup. And this washed coffee does that in spades. Lightly roasted for 11 minutes (quick rise and steady fall), it is distinctly caramel. We're enjoying it as an early morning flat white at the moment and we think it's sensational.

We recommend an 18g dose, with a 40g extraction between 25-30 seconds.

We'd love to know what you think of our new blend - tell us in the comments or share on Instagram



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